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Peptides are tiny fragments of proteins often used for muscle building, skincare and even weight loss. Each type of peptide provides different directions to the body’s cells, triggering various results, like firmer skin or enhanced muscle tone. At JonaBiotech Peptides, quality is everything. Our experienced team knows that you need to purchase peptides of the highest caliber in order to conduct accurate research. That’s why all of our artificially created products are tested thoroughly for their authenticity, purity and effectiveness. Buy peptides in powder form from JonaBiotech Peptides today.

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Follistatin 344 Peptide


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HCG – Choriomon 5000 IU


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HGH Fragment 176-191 Peptide


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Increlex 40MG 4ML


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Vitagon 5000IU


How Should Peptides Be Stored? Peptide products should always be stored in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight. Keep all peptides at -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius). If stored properly, peptide products should last between two and five years.